Many people do not like to use drugs to treat their conditions because of possible side effects. This article reveals a way of treating ADHD without medication.

treating adhd without medicationTreating ADHD without medication is not as uncommon as you might think, as  research shows that a complete approach is necessary to help children and adults that suffer from impulsive behavior, hyperactivity and short attention spans. Although medication can help, ADHD is such a complex condition that treatment without drugs and medication are also required.


If you want to learn how to treat ADHD without medication one of the methods that you’ll have to consider is counseling and / or behavior therapy. Studies show that kids afflicted with ADHD benefit from the services provided by a professional counselor, psychiatrist or psychologist. In ADHD cases where there’s depression or anxiety, counseling will definitely help reduce the symptoms.

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Many types of therapy are available for both the child and the parents:


  • Social skills training: children learn how to interact with other people as well as proper behavior
  • Family therapy: this is to help parents and siblings handle the stress that comes from living with people with ADHD
  • Parental skills training: these sessions are designed to help parents learn the child’s behavior and how to properly handle it
  • Psychotherapy: psychotherapy is for older kids afflicted with ADHHD who want to discuss the things that bother them. It also offers them an opportunity to talk about negative behavior and how to deal with it.
  • Behavior therapy: these therapy lessons are for teachers and parents, as they learn new ways and strategies to deal with ADHD.

It goes without saying that these therapies and counseling sessions employ different approaches depending on the condition of the person suffering from ADHD. But regardless of the approach, the best results are obtained when parents, teachers and therapies work as a team. If you have someone living with you with ADHD, learn as much as you can about the condition and work with your therapist and teacher to overcome it.

Treating Children at Home

Treating ADHD without drugs takes time, and the approach varies because each person’s case is unique. However, the following general guidelines should prove useful.

  • Display lots of affection for the child, and show that they’re appreciated. Do not focus on the negative part as that often leads to low self-esteem and can damage your relationship. If the child has a difficult time communicating verbally, smile or hug them often to demonstrate affection.
  • You should learn to accept and appreciate the aspects of your child’s personality that aren’t affected by ADHD. This can be as simple as spending time with the child alone, with no other children or adults to get in the way.
  • Look for ways to increase the child’s self-confidence. For instance, it’s well known that some children with ADHD excel in certain disciplines like art, karate, dancing and so on. However, you must not force the child to do something that they’re not capable of, but encourage them when they achieve success in their activities.natural adhd medication
  • Help your child with organization and show him/her how you do it, as that can do a lot of good. Second, make sure that your child has a quiet place for assignment and homework. It also helps if you arrange the items in the child’s room in groups and keep the place uncluttered.
  • Speak to the child slowly and use simple concepts, and be as specific as possible. You also need to make eye contact when providing instructions, and give only one instruction at a time.
  • Keep the schedule for bedtime, meals and naps the same as much as possible. For special events, mark them with a calendar and show the child how it works.
  • Children afflicted with ADHD have a difficult time accepting change, so transitions have to be made slowly. If that’s not possible, tell the child beforehand that changes are forthcoming.
  • It’s also important that children with ADHD get plenty of rest because fatigue worsens ADHD symptoms. It’s also important that the child be kept away from situations that might prove stressful. These include sitting and listening to lengthy lessons or shopping in large supermarkets, as the vast number of merchandise may overwhelm the child.

Treating Children in Class

Treating ADHD without medication extends to school as well, as parents and teachers need to work together. Here are some suggestions:

  • Learn as much as you can about the school program and use whatever special program they have for kids with ADHD. Remember that there’s a law that requires schools to provide support for kids with disabilities that affect their ability to learn.
  • Make sure you coordinate with your child’s teachers and that you know what the class setup is like, the skills instruction, the teaching methods, etc.
  • Stay in touch with your child’s teachers and work with each other to provide support for your child. Before you enroll your child, make certain that the teacher knows your child’s situation.
  • Don’t discourage the child from using a computer in school. In fact, studies show that children with ADHD have an easier time typing on a computer than writing by hand.

Alternative Medications

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Treating ADHD without medication is going to go a long way towards making your child feel better. It’s not easy, but the process does help, and with the alternative medication provided above the process should be even easier. Over time, your child’s ADHD symptoms will disappear and he/she will be able to live a normal life.

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