Is There Such A Thing?

ADHD is a condition that affects children and has parents scrambling for solutions. Over the years, however, the trend has been toward finding natural remedies for ADHD. But is there such a thing? And can you really treat ADHD with things you can find in nature? Apparently, there is.

According to, natural remedies for ADHD include supplementing with certain vitamins, and following a diet plan.

The List Of Vitamins For ADHD

Supplementing with vitamins and minerals is a key aspect of managing the symptoms of ADHD. The typical adult and child do not get adequate nutrition in a rush to get through the day’s work. That said, if you and/or your child suffer from ADHD in some form or another, you should supplement with vitamins and minerals.

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Not all supplement products are created alike, and there are products that are better than others by a long mile – better in terms of potency and absorbability. If you ask us, you should only buy supplements that are made from natural food sources. Do NOT buy vitamins that are synthetically made because they’re really nothing more than bedpan bullets, that is, they will come out intact – stamp and all.

supplements for adhdIn our experience, sublingual vitamins are one of the more absorbable. Sublingual means “under the tongue” and you put sublingual vitamins under the tongue, where you can find many capillaries underneath that go straight to your bloodstream.

Anyway, before buying any vitamin, make sure you read the reviews by real users. You will want to choose something that is highly-rated, something that has at least four stars on Amazon based on 100 ratings or more.

There are many vitamins and supplements that work with the body to help reduce stress symptoms and help children suffering from ADHD to learn to relax. These vitamins and supplements should be started as soon as the condition is diagnosed. Most supplements are herbal remedies so check with your doctor to ensure that these are safe to administer to your child for his or her condition.

Some doctors may be hesitant to allow you to use herbal remedies in lieu of traditional treatments. Remember that you still have the final say and you can always change doctors or go to a naturalpath for health care treatments.

Our body needs a specific set of nutrients to function properly. A deficiency in one type of vitamin could adversely affect our bodies and lead to a host of different diseases. Some studies have found that children who have ADHD have lower zinc levels in their body.Natural Remedies For ADHD

There are studies that show taking zinc supplementation, in conjunction with traditional ADHD treatments, reduces hyperactivity and impulsivity. It does not, however, reduce inattentiveness.

Foods that contain high levels of zinc include seafood especially oysters, dairy products, beans, poultry, read meat, fortified cereals and whole grains.

There is also evidence to prove that Omega 3 acids can improve ADHD symptoms. In children between eight to twelve years old, supplementing with fish oils has proven to improve their mental skills, like the ability to organize things. It also reduced inattentiveness, hyperactivity, mental fogginess and overall erratic behavior.

The most popular food sources of Omega 3 acids include sardines, trout, mackerel, herring, albacore tuba and salmon.

Natural Remedies For ADHD – About Diet

diet for adhdChildren suffering from ADHD are often over stimulated by sugary foods or foods with a lot of additives. If you’re using herbal remedies you will want to ensure that your child is eating a healthy diet.

Using herbal remedies for ADHD children will help them to stay healthy and avoid over stimulation. It’s important to combine this with a healthy diet.

Diet is an important aspect of managing ADHD. The ideal ADHD diet should improve the brain’s functioning and reduce the symptoms of this disorder, including lack of focus and restlessness.

A proper diet for children with ADHD should include natural sources of the nutrients we mentioned above. It should also be rich in other nutrients necessary for maintaining a healthy body. A proper ADHD diet also should NOT contain any food items that are suspected of making ADHD symptoms worse.

Brain foods are always welcome. Feed your child a a high-protein diet that includes nuts, meat, eggs, cheese and beans. Give protein foods for breakfast and after-school snacks. Protein improves concentration increases that ADHD medicines work.

Lessen his or her intake of simple carbohydrates and sugar.adhd diet We’re talking about candy and products made from skinless potatoes, white rice and white flour.

But increase the intake amount of complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes. Do not forget the fruits and vegetables.


Ayurvedic medication therapies are designed to treat imbalance. Consider it like this, when you go into a hot room or a cool room, you feel different. How you feel will govern your body and how it works. There are many aspects of ayervedic medicine that affect a persons nervous system and how they react to things.

Many children experience life with a heightened sense of intensity. They may feel more energized during lighter hours of the day than when it is dark out. There are many herbal remedies that can help a child learn to calm down when it’s required.


A child suffering from ADHD requires a very structured environment. Think about it as routine and how they function. If a child knows that every morning they arise at a pre set time and they do specific activities at pre set times they tend to function better.

Schools go on schedules and children work well with schedules for the most part. Consider setting up schedules for your child at home to help combat symptoms. Getting up and going to bed at routine times. Doing homework at a specified time. Eating meals at specified times. Helping your child to set up a routine will work wonders for ADHD children.


yoga for adhdMany naturalpaths swear by using Yoga as a form of treatment for such patients. Children are taught some calming moves to do several times per day.

This gives the child time to wind down for a while and reduces the stress and anxiety that often go along with ADHD symptoms.

Choosing holistic health care over traditional methods is often a huge transition for patients. However, for those who prefer to use mother natures own treatments such as herbal remedies they often find relief that is permanent in lieu of temporary as with some traditional medicines.

If you’re considering using natural remedies for ADHD children you’re not alone. Many families have turned to alternative health care as a healthier treatment option for their families. If your doctor doesn’t offer such health care options there are many naturalpaths that do.

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