Long-term attention problems even from minor brain injuries.

teenagerNew study confirms new type of ADHD caused by minor brain injuries in children.

They may not be noticed right away, but eventually rear their ugly head.



The effects may not be immediate and could occur long after the incident. The impact causes very short lapses in focus, causing children to be slower.

Researchers have found that those with TBI had more lapses in attention and other issues, such as anxiety, a tendency to internalize their problems and slower processing speed after about 18 months after the children’s accidents.

Doctors have theorized for years that head injuries in children might be followed by a “secondary attention deficit hyperactivity disorder” after studying adults who had experienced attention issues after suffering a brain injury.

The impact of this type of condition on a child’s life can be dramatic.  An impulsive child who is aggressive will have difficulty with relationships, with school performance, with participation in extracurricular activities, and so forth.

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