My Son’s Experience

Brightspark ReviewsWhen my son was first diagnosed with  ADHD, I didn’t know where to turn. All I knew was that when the psychiatrist prescribed Ritalin for him, I didn’t want my son taking these narcotic drugs. The thought of that just terrified me.

So what did I do? I turned to the internet and started searching for alternatives to Ritalin, and that’s when I found Native Remedies and started reading some stories and brightspark reviews.

What I read were numerous stories of people who had been in our similar situation and truly found a solution in brightspark. One of the brightspark reviews just brought tears to my eyes because the mom had simply felt so incredibly helpless when her daughter had a severe case of ADHD and she was at her wits end and didn’t know how to help her or didn’t know what to do.

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Brightspark ReviewsHer daughter’s school had so many problems with her that this mother was forced to remove her child from that school. How could she still go to work and be able to take care of her child at the same time?

Once she started her daughter on the homeopathic remedy, she started to notice some real changes in her, and that finally gave her hope. Her story made me cry. After reading that, I thought that maybe there really was hope for my son.

My son was age 6 at the time of his ADHD diagnosis and at that time, his behavior in the classroom was mainly throwing tantrums, banging his head on the floor and tearing things off of the walls. The teachers would have to sit with him and physically restrain him so that he wouldn’t hurt any of the other students.

It was impossible to teach him anything at that time because he couldn’t sit still long enough to focus on anything. Within a few weeks of starting him on Brightspark, along with a few other remedies, such as Tula as a “tantrum tamer” and Mindsoothe Jr. and also Purecalm, I noticed an incredible difference in his behavior.

This is why I am writing Brightspark ADHD reviews of my own because I know that it really, truly works, and I swear by these herbal medications.


I wasn’t sure about a few things when I first ordered these herbals for him so I made a phone call to the company, and I was able to speak to a real expert in natural medicine who explained to me exactly how they were supposed to work and that eased my mind completely. She also explained how each of the Brightspark ingredients worked and if there were any side effects that he might experience.

The teachers began to rave about my son’s performance at school and all I kept hearing was how good he was listening and actually applying himself. Over that next year he became a completely different kid. I was thrilled, to say the least.

My son started on those herbal medications when he was 6 years old, and this year he graduated from high school. I cannot believe how he has grown and how he has been able to tackle and face these challenges head on. It just proves to me that homeopathic remedies for ADHD & ADD do really work.

Over the years I have taken him off of the Bright spark homeopathic remedy  from time to time, just to see if it was the herbals that were really working with him, or whether he had simply grown out of his previous behaviors. Within two weeks of being off the herbals, I noticed all of his old behaviors returning, his agitation, unable to focus, having tantrums, it all came back.

happy adhd childThat always reassured me that the herbals were in fact working and we got right back on them and got back to having a healthier, happier life together.

I hoped you enjoyed this Bright spark ADHD review and will do some more research yourself. I believe you will agree with me, once you try it with your child, that Bright spark for ADHD can be life changing.

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