adhd meds for kidsThe Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficient Disorder (ADD) are on the rise in children in the United States.

Over the decade that ended in 2009, the number of children from five to seventeen years old that were reported to have ADD or ADHD by their parents increased from 7 percent to 9 percent. That means that, according to U.S. census data from 2010, that 5 million children in the U.S. have been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD.

Side Effects Of ADHD Medication

Adderall has become the favorite new drug that is prescribed to both adults and children with an attention deficient disorder diagnosis. According to Lawrence Diller, M.D., Clinical Faculty member at UCSF and author, currently one in six 11-year-old Caucasian boys who have medical insurance take some kind of stimulant drug for ADHD or ADD at least on school days. Dr. Diller adds that we are currently the only society that manages our misbehaving and underperforming children to this degree with drugs.

Dr. Robert Mendelssohn, who wrote the book How to Raise a Healthy Child… In Spite Of Your Doctor has stated that it has never been demonstrated by anyone that drugs like Ritalin (Adderall) or Cylert improve children’s academic performance who are taking these medications. Students are drugged in order to make the teacher’s life easier, rather than making it more productive and better for the children.side effects of adhd medication in kids

Does inability to focus and hyperactivity in children mean that we really have to give dangerous drugs to them that can bring on potentially harmful side effects? There are dangerous side effects associated with Adderall that parents need to be aware of prior to giving the medication to their children. Parents need to do everything they can to keep their children off of those addicting medications and provide their bodies with what they really need such as healthy diets.

Diet not only plays a large role in the physical and emotional health of children, it also impacts how much sleep children get every night. Were you aware of the fact that teens and children who don’t receive 8 to 10 hours worth of sleep every night may show the same symptoms that ADHD and ADD do?

A majority of children these days receive an insufficient amount of vital minerals that encourage their bodies to grow strong, thrive and be healthy and fit into adulthood. Before rushing in to fill a prescription, first let’s take a close look at some of the potential side effects of taking Adderall or a drug that is similar to it.

Adderall Negative Side Effects

Suicidal thoughts
Slowed growth in children
Chest pains
Higher risk for infections (immunity is broken down)
Spiked heart rate
Tiredness and weakness
Fainting and dizziness
Vomiting and nausea
Emotional stress
Mood swings and emotional instability
High blood pressure
Migraines or chronic headaches
Difficulty sleeping
Constant thirst
Inability to gain weight or weight loss

side effects of adderallAdderall can be as addictive as any of the recreational drugs that are found on today’s streets. Some adults and college students abuse it to help lose weight and get high. Adderdall is a type of psycho-stimulant. It makes individuals believe they can focus better, have more energy and are more aware.

However, over time increasing amounts of the drug are needed by the body in order to continue to feel that good. Studies have shown that anybody using the drug for extended period of time might experience serious withdrawal unless their Adderall dosage is increased. It is at that time that serious addiction starts to set in. Adderall eventually breaks the immune system of the body down. More serious side effects then start to arise like stroke, high blood pressure, heart attacks, seizures and even death in some cases.

Is this a drug you really want your child to take? The body is lacking in nutrients not a drug like Adderall! There are certain nutrients that help adults and children with hyperactivity and attention deficiencies. Truthfully just about anybody who doesn’t get adequate exercise, adequate diet and adequate sleep with exhibit ADHD or ADD symptoms.

Diagnosing ADHD and ADD

The really scary things about the drug Adderall being so over prescribed is that according to researchers many of the children who are given the drug might not even meet the criteria that they actually have ADHD or ADD. Your child might be targeted with having either ADHD or ADD might may only lack general physical fitness, adequate sleep and certain nutrients.

There isn’t a DNA test, brain scan or diagnostic tool that can reveal whether or not a child has ADHD or ADD. Many children diagnosed with the condition are just hyperactive, inattentive and disruptive, and might not be able to focus for any length of time. Hyperactive-impulsive behavior and inattention are two common symptoms that ADHD children often exhibit.

A 1994 study conducted by Purdue University found boys who had been diagnosed with ADHD have lower omega-3 essential fatty acid DHA levels (published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition). In a 1997 study 95 percent of children with ADHD that were tested were found to be deficient in magnesium (published in Magnesium Research 10, 1997). A study from 1996 found that children with ADHD had only 2/3 the zinc level of those children without ADHD (published in Biological Psychiatry 40, 1996).

Natural Cures and Remedies for ADHD and ADD

According to research there are alternative options other than taking dangerous drugs to focus and calm children who have ADD. The real problem is often camouflaged by prescribed medications. Inadequate quantities of minerals within the body is the real problem.

We just need to take the focus away from drugs and on what a child eats or doesn’t eat. An in depth look needs to be taken of your child’s diet. One tablespoon of Black Strap molasses actually has the same amount of calcium that a glass of milk does and can supply the daily iron that your child needs. It is also important to be aware that cola beverage deplete the body of very important minerals like zinc, calcium and magnesium. All three of these provide the body with more calmness, attention and focus.adhd diet for children

Research has also shown that the exact same symptoms that are present in children diagnosed with ADHD or ADD are nutritionally deficient in iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc as well.

When the materials was analyzed it indicated that are was a correlation between freedom from distractibility and increased levels of magnesium.

Foods With High Magnesium Levels:

Cornmeal, white beans, navy beans, brazil nuts, cashews, almonds, oat bran, buckwheat, artichokes, dried figs, blackstrap molasses, navy beans, black beans, tuna, halibut, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, salmon, swiss chard, spinach and pumpkin seeds.

Foods With High Omega-3 Levels:

diet for adhd kidsBrussel sprouts, baked beans, white beans, sesame seeds, almonds, rhubarb, corn tortilla, corn bread, kale, turnip greens, broccoli, blackstrap molasses, canned salmon with bones, fresh salmon and sardines in oil.

Almonds and sesame seeds can be ground down to make almond and sesame milk, which both have more calcium than cow’s pasteurized milk does. In addition, almond milk or sesame milk can be used in your recipes instead of cow’s milk.

Foods With High Iron Levels:

Dates, prunes, raisins, egg yolks, tuna, salmon, turkey, sardines, shrimp, beef liver, oysters, clams, pork liver, pumpkin seeds, lentils, cooked beans and black strap molasses.

Foods With High Zinc Levels:

Venison, shrimp, shell fish, calves liver, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, ginger roots, parmesan cheese, raw pecans, raw cashews, split peas, chick peas, lima beans, beef liver, oysters.

Parents can use the above nutritious foods in creative ways. Also, if possible they should ensure that they are fresh and organic. Vegetables should always be steams and as many raw veggies and fruits should be eaten as possible. Try to come up with as many healthy recipes as you can using the above foods and provide your children with the good starts they need to have strong and healthy bodies.

The World Health Organization in 1996 warned that the over-use of Ritalin was at dangerous proportions. That was more than 15 years ago! Here we are now still doing the exact same thing with help from the FDA. These days, the over-abused and over-used drug for ADHD and ADD is Adderall. We can’t participate in this dangerous drug-pushing agenda. We need to say yes to adequate sleep, exercise and healthy diet and no to harmful drugs.

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