What Parents Should Know About ADHD in Girls And How It Can Be Treated Naturally

This article provides information on how to find out whether your daughter has ADHD and what you can do about it.

girl with adhdA lot of information about attention deficient hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has led to misconceptions that it is a condition that affects boys exclusively, and this is the reason why ADHD in girls has remained undiagnosed, overlooked, and are least likely to be referred for evaluation and treatment.

According to psychoanalyst and clinical social worker Terry Matlen, author of “Survival Tips for Women with ADHD,” there is a need for the improvement of how ADHD in girls is identified, evaluated, and treated. Considered one of the foremost experts on women with ADHD, Matlen explained the condition is harder to detect in girls because they internalize symptoms and don’t exhibit problematic behavior in school.

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Why ADHD-Afflicted Girls are at a Disadvantage

And even when diagnosed and treated, girls with ADHD are at a disadvantage because the majority of ADHD research to date has been focused mainly on boys and there is insufficient information on the gender differences in the condition’s development. Additionally, ADHD-afflicted girls experience more of everything – stress, depression, poor relationships, and anxiety – than normal girls.symptoms of ADHD girl

Compared with ADHD-afflicted boys of the same age who tend to exhibit hyperactivity in the a more “classic” and obvious way, girls with ADHD typically behave in a manner that is less rambunctious, meaning they daydream or stare out windows while they twist their hair. As far as evaluation is concerned, teachers tend to under-refer girls even if they exhibit the same symptoms as the boys.

 Knowing the Red Flags

If you think your daughter may have the condition, there are red flags or signs of ADHD in girls which you and your daughter’s school teachers can look out for. Remember that early detection is the best way to get treatment for this kind of medical condition before it worsens and become more difficult for your daughter socially.

  Your daughter may have ADHD if she:

  • Has difficulty with maintaining focus.
  • Is easily distracted.
  • Often daydreams.
  • Finds it hard to shift focus.
  • Is forgetful.
  • Has no knowledge of time concept and is often late.
  • Is disorganized all the time.
  • Has difficulty completing a task.
  • Is over-reactive.
  • Can be hyper-talkative.
  • Is slow to understand and follow directions.
  • Has poor time management.
  • Is careless with things that result in mishaps, i.e., spilling liquids, breaking dishes, etc.
  • Often blurts out and interrupts conversations.
  • Is easily upset by trivial things.

If your daughter, or any female relative between the ages 5 and 16, exhibits any or most of the mentioned red flags, she should be evaluated immediately to find out whether these ADHD symptoms in girls are responsible for the behavior mentioned previously. Intervention can then be administered including behavioral management techniques, counseling, support, and medication.

Studies have shown that nutritional support can result in improving ADHD symptoms in girls. ADHD involves an imbalance in the brain’s neurotransmitters and ADHD-afflicted girls almost always have an imbalance in the nutrients critical for these neurotransmitters to function properly. And while conventional drugs are usually prescribed, most parents want natural medication.

 Natural Treatments for ADHD

Prescription drugs, unlike natural supplements for ADHD, are increasing by the number with the corresponding warnings of adverse side effects with their prolonged use. Since most of these prescription drugs contain stimulants, parents have become wary of their effect on their children’s brain development and existing ADHD conditions.

ADHD symptoms for girlsFortunately for parents, there is BrightSparkmanufactured by Native Remedies to help relieve mood swings and impulsiveness in ADHD-afflicted children. The product is non-addictive, compliant with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and manufactured in a pharmaceutical facility approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The product only has four major ingredients:


 Known to help in the relief of restlessness, excitability, and overall disruptive behavior, hyoscyamus provides relief from involuntary motor movements such as grunting or twitching and from sudden verbal outbursts. Indigenous to Europe, Asia, and north Africa, it has also been beneficial to those with tendencies for foolish and inappropriate behavior, facial grimaces, and fidgety hands.

 Arsen rod

 This helps promote emotional balance during a temper outburst and assist in suppression of annoyance during confrontation with frustrating circumstances. This has been proven effective for individuals who have the tendency to be restless, impatient, excitable, irritable, and hyperactive accompanied by sudden outbursts; hay fever or other allergic reactions have been linked to said outbursts.

Verta alb

 Extracted from the lily flower, verta alb helps calm the mind to reduce restlessness and provide emotional stability. Often recommended by practitioners of homeopathy, verta alb synergistically blends with other extracts to further enhance their potency. It helps soothe the nerves of hyperactive children or those who have the tendency to be restless and critical.

 Argent nit

 Also known as Argentum nit, this homeopathic remedy comes from extracted silver nitrate as unadulterated crystals and liquefied in alcohol. After watering down and shaken repeatedly, or succussed, the resulting solution is used in homeopathic formulations. Argent nit helps people overcome impulsive behavior, alleviate anxiety, and control fear as a result of deep-rooted feelings of insecurity.

 Benefits of BrightSpark

 According to the Native Remedies official website, this remedy is capable of:brightspark

  •  Increasing the attention span.
  • Reducing hyperactivity and impulsiveness.
  • Improving concentration.
  • Promoting the brain’s oxygen flow.
  • Stabilizing moods.

Additionally, the product is manufactured by a company which has a sterling reputation when it comes to development and production of homeopathic remedies and natural supplements. It has a money-back guarantee for a year with no policy restrictions. The best news, however, is the product is priced reasonably and is very affordable for its class.

If you have a daughter who has been diagnosed with ADHD and would like a safe and effective option for her treatment, consider BrightSparkfrom Natural Remedies. This supplement will not alter your child’s brain chemistry because it contains no pharmaceutical drugs.

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