adhd girlADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is one of the most common conditions affecting children of all ages.

An all-natural homeopathic formula  will help your child, or indeed any adult in your family, if they are suffering from this worrying prroblem.

We will look in detail at the condition, how this treatment works, and what you can do to help naturally improve life for the sufferer and yourself.

While we will mainly concentrate on ADHD and the effects it has on children, we should not forget that many adults also suffer with such issues. However, many adults who suffer from this affliction, actually had it while a child.


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What is ADHD?

How about starting with six words;  worrying, wearing, stressful, saddening, tearful and tiring, and this is just from the parents point of view. I am sure if you are a parent of a child who is suffering from this condition you could add many more words!

There are many issues surrounding this condition, not least that medical experts do not know what exactly causes it, nor have they found a permanent cure for it. This is one of the many reasons that so many are turning towards natural remedies for ADHD in children.

Different ‘types’ of ADHD

Medically, ADHD is defined into three categories. We will explain each one, and this may help in terms of you recognizing these traits in your child.

It is extremely important that you have such thoughts verified by a professional, but this can be the start of a very important learning curve for you and your child.

Predominantly Inattentive Presentation

If your child is not particularly hyperactive, or does not carry out any unusual amounts of impulsive actions, but they do show frequent signs of inattention then they will be classified as having this type of ADHD.

When specialists first started to investigate the possibility of such a disorder this type of ‘presentation’ in a child was originally known as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), but has now been grouped with the following two categories. This means the best supplements for ADHD treatment can be used for any of these categories.

Predominantly Hyperactive/Impulsive Presentation

This category is when your child shows exactly the opposite signs to the ones mentioned above. They will show sufficient signs of hyperactivity and impulsivity, but do not show signs of inattention.hyperactive boy

Combined Presentation

As the name would suggest; your child has a ‘full house’ of the three signs which define ADHD. These are excessive inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity.

How are these conditions defined from a medical point of view?

For your child to be medically classified as having one of these 3 types of ADHD they must show signs for longer than a continuous six month period.

This may sound like a lifetime to you, however there are reasons, and one of them is that these conditions can change from one type to another over a given period of time.

Before we look at what the criteria is for your child’s ADHD assessment there is something very important you can do;

Keep a record

If you feel you child is suffering from ADHD please strongly consider starting a ‘diary’. Make a note of times and the incidents that you feel your child’s behavior has been out of the ordinary in terms of hyperactivity, impulsiveness and inattention.

adhd notesWhere possible make a note of the last meal, snack, treat or drink they had before the incident, and if you are already giving your child a natural supplement for ADHD you should also note how long it was since the last ‘dose’.

Do not be afraid to ask your child’s teacher to help you with this. Subject to the head teachers approval most teachers should be willing to help you. After all, the more disruption a child causes in a class the more disruptive lessons for all pupils are.

By approaching the school you are showing your determination to get the best for your child, and it will also make teachers aware of any potential problems rather than them just assuming your child is a ‘wild card’. If you are giving your child any ADHD natural supplements it will do no harm at all to inform the school. Make sure if this your daughter, that they look more closely.

This information can be extremely helpful to medical staff when they are looking at your child’s condition and how best to help.


This is where things can get tricky! We all want the best for our children, and we notice many things others do not. It is also seen as extremely normal for a child to be restless, boisterous, noisy, naughty, and at times not take the slightest bit of notice to what anyone is saying to them.

You should be looking for inattention or distraction issues which are higher than ‘normal’ and these observations should be while your child is at home and at school. They are two very different environments, so the actions of your child may be quite different dependent upon their circumstances.

Here are the things you should look out for. Because based on these factors this is how your specialist will diagnose your child


From a medical point of view if your child is under 16 years of age they must show at least 6 symptoms out of 9. If they are over the age of 17 then only 5 symptoms need to show.

On the subject of older people, please also remember that any young adult, or fully grown man or woman in your household will benefit from the use of all natural ADHD supplements such as the one we will talk about later.


Does your child have inattention issues in many things or just some things? The reason for understanding this is that it is quite natural for any child to show inattention during a subject they do not understand or like. inattentive adhd

Easily distracted

If your child regularly turns their attention to anything other than what is being taught, or what you are trying to tell them this can be a good indicator of ADHD issues.


Let’s face it; all kids are forgetful, but if your child seems more prone to forgetting things on a regular basis, particularly in terms of set and regular daily activities this needs to be noted.

Detail to attention and maintaining attention

While these two ‘symptoms’ are treated as separate indicators they are closely linked. Look at such things as whether your child pays attention during activities or when they should be learning something.

They may also make regular careless and unnecessary mistakes, and are quick to lose any initial attention they had. It should be said that the ADHD homeopathic treatment we will talk about shortly helps extremely well with these factors.

Ignoring People

Yet another sign that your child is suffering with ADHD issues is that they openly ignore a parent or teacher when they are being spoken to directly.

Easily side-tracked

They do not listen to simple or straightforward instructions given and fail to complete homework or chores on a regular basis.

3 other things to be aware of

If your child is a poor organizer, they constantly lose things, and when asked where they are answer with a completely blank look, or there is no long term concentration on anything they start to do. These are other important signs that your child has ADHD issues.

Do NOT be afraid to speak up during consultations with your doctor or specialist

As mentioned, when six or more of these symptoms are seen then offering prescription medication to children with ADHD is seen as a sensible way to help treat this worrying problem.

talking to doctor about adhdNever be afraid to talk honestly and openly with your doctor or specialist about anything you believe, anything you have read, or you want their opinion on any related matter.

This is particularly the case in terms of medication. They may not push the point in terms of natural medicine for ADHD, but they are intelligent people who have studied many forms of medication.

The fact that their first course of action will be prescribed medication does not mean they are unaware of the potential benefits, or possible points of caution such natural solutions offer.

Homeopathic ADHD remedies




Such remedies, suchs Brightspark and Synaptol, are growing in popularity and this is very much down to the fact that benefits are regularly seen, whereas unwanted side effects which are so common with prescription medication are not.
brightsparkWhen you read reviews it is made very clear that this formula is non-addictive and effective in terms of temporarily relieving symptoms of ADHD such as hyperactivity, distractibility and impulsiveness. It also works to balance mood levels and helps the user to achieve a positive demeanor.

I also have a Brightspark review page of my own personal experience with my son and this supplement. I believe you will find this helpful if you are undecided on whether you should give this ADHD natural supplement a try. Remember you have nothing to lose trying it, and a whole lot to gain.

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ADHD is no fun, but being positive will help everyone concerned

Life can be a struggle for those with ADHD, and for parents with children who have this condition things are tougher than they should be, but with determination and willpower, love and attention as well as a large dollop of positivity you will make things work, and help relieve the problems your child is suffering from.

When you add Brightspark or Synaptol to your child’s daily regimen you should see results that will delight you and them. ake sure you buy from  the official website for Brightspark or Synaptol  and look for the deals that you will not find through other websites or in stores.